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New Developments in West Terre Haute Neglect Case

Vigo County Sheriff Greg Ewing called it the worst case of neglect he'd ever seen. Now the suspects are back in court. One of them is facing new charges and several dogs were seen at the home.
Officials removed 24 animals, two children and an elderly woman from a West Terre Haute home last August. Police arrested Kenneth and Tracy Walling on charges of neglect and animal abuse.

"In my 21 years, probably the worst case of filth I had seen," said Vigo County Sheriff Greg Ewing.

Neighbors say the elderly woman has returned to the home. Child protective services took the children into custody. They remain under state care. The Terre Haute Humane Society rescued the animals. Melanie Collier was one of the first volunteers to see the dogs.

"They had obviously been malnourished, neglected, they weren't fed well, they were matted, they hadn't been groomed," said Collier.

For Sheriff Ewing the sight of feces covered children stuck with him.

"Probably the most disturbing thing was the young child that was living and crawling around in dog feces, dirty diapers thrown on the floor," said Sheriff ewing.

Kenneth Walling remains in jail on charges of failure to pay child support in Michigan. Tracy Walling is out on bond. We went to the home Thursday. There was no answer. We did find several dogs in the same cages that others were removed from last summer. We have learned officials are doing frequent checks on the health of these animals. It also is legal for Tracy Walling to own the dogs since she has not received her punishment. Sheriff Ewing says this is a case that still weighs heavily on his mind.

"There's not a day when I'm out driving and drive by there and you don't think of that original call," said Sheriff Ewing.

Tracy Walling will be in court Friday to receive her sentence.
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