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Murder Behind Bars

A jury convicts two inmates in connection to the murder of a man at the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institute.
A federal jury has convicted two men for their roles in the murder of an inmate at the Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institutes in 2011.

Jurors found William Bell guilty of first degree murder. He entered the cell of a fellow inmate and stabbed him to death. Bell's cellmate, Lenard Dixon, concealed evidence of the murder, including the weapon.

Officials say both Bell and Dixon have extensive criminal backgrounds. Bell has nine prior convictions in three states. At the time of the prison stabbing, he was serving eight years for carjacking. He faces up to life in prison for the murder conviction. Dixon was serving a 35 year sentence for robbery, and could receive an additional 15 years for his role in the homicide.

U.S. Attorney for the southern district of Indiana Joseph Hodsett released a statement saying "Protecting all citizens from senseless violence is important. We owe it to the employees of our federal prisons to do what we can to keep their work places as safe and secure as possible."
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