Local Teacher is Boston Bound

Local Teacher is Boston Bound

Students at Central Elementary in Clinton, Ind. gathered Friday for a surprise pep rally for a teacher. Special education aid, Toni Bohannon, is competing in Monday's Boston Marathon. Teachers at the school incorporated Bohannon's accomplishment into their everyday classroom lessons throughout the month of April. Students used the event as an opportunity to raise money for charity.
Friday Toni Bohannon ran around Central Elementary's gym to get good luck high fives from students. But Monday, she'll be pounding the pavement. Bohannon is competing in her first ever Boston Marathon.

"I knew Boston was always out there, but I never thought I could do it and I did it the first time not even knowing and realizing two days later and I think I qualified," said Bohannon. "I was happy just to get under four hours."

Bohannon's co-workers organized Friday's pep rally as a surprise for her.

"I'm overwhelmed. I knew something was going on but nothing of this magnitude," said Bohannon.

"I really do think when you support each other like this it makes the whole building in a much better position to be good learners," said Robin Vukovits, who headed up the efforts.

Every teacher sported pink shirts reading "Keep Calm and Boston On." Both staff and students could purchase headbands. The school will donate $400 to Riley Hospital for Children from the money raised through the headbands. Teachers also incorporated Bohannon's accomplishment into their classroom lessons.

"How many laps around the gym would be 26.2 miles and so just little things I'm over hearing I think it's great then they're so happy they can find Boston on a map," said Bohannon.

Although Bohannon didn't run in last year's marathon, Vukovits says it will be on her mind as the race begins.

"We're hopeful that she's going to be very safe but at the same time you have to keep in mind that a lot of people suffered last year and this race is probably one of the biggest races that they'll ever have to show support for those families," said Vukovits.

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