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Local Hospital Will Add Program for Sexual Assault Victims

An area hospital is adding a new program to examine sexual assault victims.
At the moment, victims of sexual assault in Greene County have to drive nearly an hour to Bloomington to be examined, which further adds to their trauma.

The Greene County General Hospital will change that by creating their own examination program.

"Some of them decide not to go ahead and follow through with exams because they have to go somewhere else," says Greene County Gen. Hospital Lee Ann Camp, who is the Chief Nursing Officer.

But that will soon change, as the Green County General Hospital will employ two sexual assault nurse examiners who are currently in the process of completing their training.

Lee Ann Camp says that training "requires a full week of in-classroom training. Then, several hours with a prosecutor in court, with officers in the field, and with healthcare providers performing exams."

She also says the nurse examiners will help victims in a variety of ways.

"They're trained very thoroughly in forensic evidence collection, treatment of the patient, and also emotional care."

The Greene County sexual assault response team hosts events to help raise money for the program. One event is the "Walk a Mile in Their Shoes" event.

"We want to let them know that citizens of Greene County are behind them and we support them with what they're going through," victim advocate Vickie Aydt. "And that sexual assault will not be tolerated in Greene County."

The "Walk a Mile in Their Shoes" event features women wearing men's boots. And on the other foot, men sport high heels or women's flip flops. It's a chance to create some laughs all the while showing support for sexual assault victims.

"This is our third year. It seems like each year it gets bigger. We're getting more people from the community. We have people this time that are walking in honor of a victim," Aydt added.

The two nurse examiners were unable to attend today's walk as they were in training classes.

In six months, Greene County General Hospital will be able to conduct their own examinations on sexual assault victims.

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