Local Food Trucks at the Fair

Local Food Trucks at the Fair

Local food vendors set up at the Vigo County Fair. They keep coming back because feeding the community is a local tradition for their business.
Food vendors at the Vigo County Fair also come from all around, just like carnival workers.

But local food trucks from right here in the valley continue to be apart of the tradition.

For CNM Enterprises, they offer rib-eyes, steak burgers ,and other fair foods.

Working at the Vigo County Fair has been a lifestyle for the company for more than 10 years.

Having children in 4-H and being a part of the valley community, means more than just feeding the community.

It's about providing for the area, and making sure everyone is having a great time.

Becky Linville, a Local Food Vendor said, "We just enjoy being with friends, and we're 10 year 4-H members and so this is a way we can still be apart of the fair every year."

The fair food stand business usually lasts from April to October.

But for CNM Enterprises, they offer catering on the side if the opportunities come up.
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