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Local Fire Department Hosts Mock Car Crash

What looked like a tragic accident today in Sullivan was really a different way of getting the attention of young people there.
Many came out to the Sullivan Fire Department's mock crash at Sullivan High School.
They hope that upon seeing the demonstration--- students will think twice before getting behind the wheel on their cell phone or intoxicated.

The fire department recreated an accident involving a drunk driver and a car full of passengers on their way to prom, a driver who was texting behind the wheel, and an innocent family out on their way to get ice cream.

The Life Line helicopter was even called in to airlift a victim to IU Med Center in Indianapolis.

Sullivan firefighter Tony Shipman hopes that students got the message loud and clear.

"That's our whole goal here is to get through one person. If we get through one kid, then it was worth planning this out."

It seems that the point gets across, as students say they hear others talking about the demonstration during school.

According to Sullivan High School Senior Katiesha Benson, the demonstration "really makes an impact on our kids. After stuff like this, they're always talking. They're in the hallways saying, 'hey did you see that?' Or 'hey I can't text anymore. I don't want that to happen to me or to somebody I love."

With prom coming up and graduation right around the corner, students are looking to enjoy themselves. Chief Deputy Prosecutor John Springer hopes that they do so responsibly.

"They're trying to hammer that home. Prom time is coming up and you need to be careful and not be out drinking and driving," Springer said.

"We just don't want them to get involved with the alcohol," added Shipman. "They get busy and excited with their friends and texting. Ultimately, it ends up like this. We also want to let them know that there's more than just victims in their car. There's the families and everybody involved."

John Springer says parents should be aware of their children's plan on prom night, as students that attend prom are usually out until the early morning hours.
Students should make responsible decisions to avoid a demonstration like this becoming a reality.   

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