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Local Colleges Respond to IU Data Breach

Information of thousands Indiana University alumni was compromised during a recent data breach. Representatives from St. Mary of the Woods College say they can learn from other colleges' mistakes.
A local college says they can take a lesson from the Hoosiers. Representatives from Saint Mary of the Woods College say they continuously look into the safety of their students' information. The information and technology department updates its procedures each time a data breach else where occurs. Mary Samm is the senior director of technology at the college. She says others' mistakes can help prevent the same ones from happening here in the Wabash Valley.

"One of the things they've announce, they've talked about human error in the process, so looking at our processes and our procedures and looking at how we can evolve and update those to make sure that we're closing those human error gaps in addition to other technology," said Samm.

IF you're ever concerned that your personal information was compromised, you can put a security freeze on your credit or request a fraud alert.   

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