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Indiana State Professor Discusses Unrest in Ukraine

It appears the deadly violence in Ukraine has subsided.
It appears the deadly violence in Ukraine has subsided.

Protestors have lined the streets of country's capital city for several days, showcasing their anger and frustration with country's government.
Early Friday afternoon a deal was reached in hopes of ending the political unrest in the area.

Opposition leaders and Ukraine's President Victor Yanukovych came together to form the compromise.
It restores the country's former constitution, which as a result limits Presidential power.
It also mandates new Presidential elections and the removal of the nation's current Interior Minister.
Indiana State University professor Boris Bluykher has spent months studying and working at universities in Ukraine.
He's kept in close contact with many of his colleagues there the past few days.
He NBC 2 me via Skype, some of them wanted more out of today's negotiations.

"This is not all things which Ukrainian people want at this point. The message from Ukrainian people is get out to the President, resign," Bluykher said.

Blyukher is scheduled to travel to Ukraine this spring.
He says he wants to go, but at this time isn't sure whether or not that's the best thing to do.

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