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Indiana Ranks Low on Reported Rapes

Indiana ranks second from the bottom in reporting they've been forced to have sex. That's according to a study from the Center for Disease Control. Vigo County Sheriff's Department Detective John Moats says victims of the crime need to
One in five women reported being victims of rape. That's according to a study by the Center for Disease Control. Vigo County Detective John Moats says it often goes unreported due to fear.

"We need the reporting, we need the cooperation from the reporting party to get involved and let us know because unfortunately we can't fix what we don't know that's broken," said Moats.

Detective Moats says the crime knows no age in Vigo County. But he does see many incidences from the colleges in the area.

"I just live on campus and do my own little thing and I never thought that really went on," said Aly Spillman, an ISU student.

Spillman says some nights she's walking to her car after dark. It makes her uncomfortable but she stays alert to protect herself. Something that Moats echoes for everyone. 

"I always make sure that I carry my keys in my hand so I can always use them," said Spillman

"If you are consuming some type of beverage that night, you never leave the beverage laying around unattended, set it down, talk to somebody else, pick it back up, you never go some where you're not familiar with the surroundings if it's a strange place if you've never been there don't go alone," said Moats.

In Indiana, the statute of limitations for rape is five years.

The following links may provide help for victims of rape.
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