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Indiana Ranks High in CEO Business Survey

Chief Executive magazine has ranked Indiana one of the top states for business in the country. The ranking is based on measures including tax climate, regulations, and work force quality.
Indiana and Illinois are neighbors, but they're far apart when it comes to business.

A just released survey from top CEO's around the country, puts Indiana as one of the best states for business, ranking number 6.

Illinois placed 48th, very close to dead last.

Indiana is known as the crossroads of America, but it is also the crossroads of railroads. Transportation is one of the keys to bringing in business. Economics professor Robert Guell says he's not surprised with Indiana's ranking.

"It reflects several years, a decade or more, of policies regarding business taxes, business inventory taxes, workers comp. Rates, unemployment uninsurance rates, that have made it so Indiana is quite competitive in the business world."

Indiana has been on a pro-business path for several years, and many are starting to take notice.

We also got to speak with Mayor Duke Bennett, he stated, "Overall we got good info structure here, from utilities, to roads, to waste water treatment plants. We got all the things that we need, we just got to get people to take a look at Indiana more often, and so, staying on these lists and staying on the top of these lists, all helps. But, we've all got to do a better job of telling that story.

Building places like an industrial park, only helps Indiana bring business in and promote that lifestyle.

"In terms of relatively low electric rates, in terms of electricity low labor costs and tax policy, Indiana is well positioned," said Guell.

The overall rankings of Illinois weren't a surprise, although the state ranks higher in education than Indiana, it falls short in business taxes and business claims.

"it is very expensive to do business in Illinois, they have got lots of issues, and we're so far on the other side of the spectrum from them. It's a good thing. There is nothing wrong with telling that story. It goes back to that communication, we just got to keep telling that story. Illinois isn't doing that well, Indiana is doing great," said Duke Bennett.

The survey was also based on the quality of living in each state, and Indiana received 4 and a half out of five stars in that category.

Eli Lilly, Wellpoint, and Steel Dynamics were just a few of the top businesses that were mentioned on the list.

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