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Indiana General Assembly Wraps Up Work

After three months of work, both the House and Senate have adjourned for good.
It's a wrap for the 2014 Indiana legislative session.
After three months of work, both the House and Senate have adjourned for good.

"I think we hit a home run, I'm so excited for the state of Indiana and the things that we accomplished," Rep.Alan Morrison said.
"There were good bills and bad bills that were passed," Rep. Clyde Kersey said.

Kersey thinks there's some good, and bad, in Senate Bill 1.

The law deals with the state's business personal property tax.

It gives cities the option of cutting the tax on business equipment, rather than eliminating it all together as Governor Pence had hoped.

The measure also cuts the corporate tax rate from 6.5% to 4.9%.
"That's going to have a huge impact because that's going to result in about 82 million less dollars coming in, in terms of revenue," Kersey said.

The general assembly also okayed guns in school parking lots this session.

A controversial bill that Morrison says won't cause an up-tick in school violence in the state.

"I think this is good legislation for Indiana it's about our personal responsibility and our personal rights to protect ourselves and our family," Morrison said.

Lots of attention went to HJR-3,the effort to ban same sex marriage in the state that ultimately failed.

For one local lawmaker it wasn't a huge distraction.

"To be truthful with you the only time we spent on HJR-3 is when it was in the committees or on the chamber floor," Morrison said.

And thoughts have already turned to the next round.

"Next year is a budget session," Kersey said. 
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