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High-Tech Simulator Drives In To Clay County

All deputies from the Clay County Sheriff's Department are getting trained on a high-tech driving simulator. It's the first time this simulator has come to Clay County, and the department's insurance covered the cost. Next up, it's heading to the Brazil Police Department.
It's a simulator so real it's even cause motion sickness, but that's not stopping Clay County Sheriff's Deputies from getting behind the wheel - and screen - for some high-tech training.

This is the EVOC simulator, or Emergency Vehicle Operations Course.

It looks and feels just like a squad car, and instructors put the driver in all sorts of scenes -- from weather woes to a high-speed chase.

It's the first time the simulator has come to Clay County, and the Sheriff's Department is requiring all its officers to go through the course.

Officials say it's important to get this one-of-a-kind practice in a controlled environment.

"We've been fortunate so far to have a pretty good record of pursuit driving and emergency vehicle driving and this is just going to reinforce that and not only keep our officers safe but keep our citizens who are sharing the roadway with us safe," said Chief Deputy Rob Gambill.

The Department's insurance covered the cost of bringing the simulator to Clay County.

Next up it's heading to the Brazil Police Department.
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