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Heavy Snows Weighs Down on Local Businesses

Heavy snow and ice on the roads likely the reason many Valley residents stayed home Wednesday.
More coffee, ladies? Cackleberries server Donetta West asked customers Wednesday morning.

But what she was thinking was "more business, please?"

"Last storm it was a little bit slow, but this morning it's just as slow," West said. 

The usual morning rush at the restaurant stayed asleep Wednesday.

Heavy snow and ice on the roads likely the reason many passed on breakfast, with a side of toast.

"It's slow when it snows here. A lot of our customers are elderly people and they have trouble getting in and out," Timmy Popoff, Cackelberries manager said. 

When business is slow, tips are low.

"On a good day probably $80 or $90 and today probably a tenth of that," West said.

 The clippers are still cutting at hair at home on Terre Haute's south side, despite the snow.

"The joke has always been if Susie can't get to work, no one should be out," Susan Ooley-Viray, owner of Hair at Home said. 

That's because Susie's shop is just steps from her home.

"We have had some to cancel, but for the most part when it comes to getting your hair done, they're going to be here." 

"It's a regular day, I come no matter what," Gloria Dodd, a regular customer at Hair at Home said.

A regular day in a winter wonderland.

"I love the snow, i think it's beautiful. I know it slows people down but it's better than looking at the mud and dirty leaves," Ooley-Viray said.

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