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Getting Stocked Up Ahead of Latest Winter Storm

Menards in Terre Haute still has a lot of stock, that might not be the case in just a week or so - national suppliers are have a hard time keeping with up with demand. Experts suggest stocking up on salt ahead of the storm, and if you're in need of a snow blower, get one now.
And it's not just meteorologists gearing up for this latest blast - many Valley residents are hitting the stores to get those last minute winter essentials.

It seems like we've seen it all this winter... but Richard Wilhite says that's just mother nature doing what she does.

"Weather's no problem with me. Whatever it produces, that's the way I do it," he said.

He's lived in Arizona and Washington State, but now calls Indiana home.

And no winter, no matter how extreme, is going to scare him off.

"Stepped on a bunch of ice and down I went and cracked this elbow, but such is life. That's the way it goes! I'm 75 waiting to be 105," he laughed.

Now, not all us are as tough during this brutal  winter we've felt - and this upcoming snow and ice storm might test all of our patience.

That's why experts say make a list of what you need now, and get everything before it's too late.

"It's been tough," said Mark Meyers, professional estimator at Menards in Terre Haute. "If you need a space heater, it might be hard to find one this time of year."

Mark Meyers says while Menards still has a lot of stock, that might not  be the case in just a week or so - national suppliers are have a hard time keeping with up with demand.

So a good way to save some piece of mind? Grab a generator.

"Some bad ice storms, power can be out for days," said Meyers. "Those things that need to go? Keep them going."

And keep in mind, not all salt is created equal.

Although it might cost a little bit more, the pricier brands work in more frigid temps and are safer on pets.

And when this winter seems just too much to bear.... "It'll go away! Along will come march and April and it'll all be gone so...so be it!," said Wilhite.

Meyers also says snow-blowers are running low, so you might want to pick one up before they're all gone for potentially the rest of the season.
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