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Fourth of July Celebrations Around Valley

Prior to watching fireworks, many took to the streets and local parks to celebrate America's birthday.
Hundreds lined the streets of Vincennes to take part in the Fourth of July parade.

But it's not just those watching the parade who enjoy the event.

"Seeing everybody and waving and throwing candy," said Marty Bernette of Vincennes.

"And they've been real super nice to us, real nice to us," added Ray Moyer of Vincennes.

Ray and Marty love being a part of the parade.

But they admit there's one problem.

"We enjoy it all," said Marty. "Only thing about it is we don't get to see the parade when you're in the parade."

Drive 50 miles up US41 and you'll hit Fairbanks Park where the Terre Haute Community Band performed before hundreds of people.

For one resident, the holiday is extra meaningful.

"Well because I'm a pretty patriotic man," said James Matherly of Terre Haute. "I'm a retired military. Of course, I spent 35 years on the city fire department, 23 retired military. And I just love it."

James appreciates the city of Terre Haute's devotion to their country.

"It's my home. Just the patriotism around Terre Haute that we have," added Matherly. "It brings back memories."

He also understands the importance of the Fourth of July.

"Freedom of the nation and to know that all these people that are around you may not have what they have now if it wasn't for this day," Matherly concluded.
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