Football Wives

Football Wives

Sometimes the players and coaches aren't the most important piece to the team.
The North-South game is one of the most stressful games of the year, win and you're glorified for the year, lose and you have to sit with that until next season. Of course nobody knows that better than perhaps the wives of coach Tim Herron and coach Chris Barrett

Tracy Barrett is a Bell Game Veteran. Her husband Chris has been the coach for the patriots four years so she knows what this game is all about

 Kathy Herrin on the other hand is still fresh to the bell game. Her husband Tim has been the head coach for just two years.

And as if the bell game wasn't stressful enough being married to the head coach, how about if your son is also the starting quarterback? Tracy's son Chris was the starting quarterback for the patriots for four years

Chris has since graduated, but now Kathy Herrin is going through
the same thing with her son Timmy.

No doubt that when Friday night comes to a close one of these women will be much calmer and happier.
But ultimately win or lose these coaches will still be coming home to unconditional love.>>

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