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Fireworks Sales Rules

Fireworks pop up stand appear this time of the year. What are the rules?
Selling fireworks is a booming business this time of the year, and with that business comes fireworks stands that seem to pop up faster than a morter shell.

"Cheif Fisher: Seems like these places pop up over night but uh there are some hoops that they have to go through and some hurdles they have to go over in order for them to be a registered fireworks vendor.

While it seems like its fairly easy to set up a tent and sell fireworks, thats not necessarily the case.

Chief Fisher: They have to submit a registration form to get permission from the state fire marshalls office in order to open a stand i know they can only operate in a 45 day period. if a person owns several tents you have to have a registration for each tent. I know they cant be any more than 1500 square feet and you have to go through all the safety regulations with them.

So that explains pop up stands but what about an established business like dean's party mania.

Kenny Dean: We all handle the same permit.

Kenny Dean has been selling fireworks in terre haute for decades and he says pop up stands have changed the business of selling fireworks.

Kenny: Its probably diluted the market somewhat obviously ive been in business in this town a long time and we use to be the only business around and obviously its not that way any more theres quite a few stores.

And just as fast as those pop up stores appear they seem to disappear. and dean's party mania believes that gives them an advantage.

Kenny: Like a say were here year round some of those stores are not if you have a problem with something you can certainly bring it back here as opposed to some of those places they might not be around after the fourth of july.

In Terre Haute, Cody Adams, NBC-2 News.
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