Fireworks: Legal in Indiana, Not Illinois

Fireworks: Legal in Indiana, Not Illinois

The illegal usage of fireworks can be hard for police to monitor.
Usage of fireworks by the general public is banned in Illinois... but right across the border in Indiana, they're perfectly legal.

Owner of Dean's Party Mania in Terre Haute says plenty of Illinois residents buy fireworks in Indiana. It's just not possible for the store to monitor where those fireworks are being used.

Crawford County Sheriff Todd Liston says it's when those fireworks are taken into Illinois that law enforcement can and has confiscated fireworks.

He says that on the 4th of July, they'll be monitoring firework usage on a complaint basis. Liston said he just doesn't have enough officers to monitor all usage. He hopes, that if residents are breaking the law, they are being safe about setting off the fireworks.

Liston suggested residents of Robinson going to the city's firework show, or going to a larger city to watch legally.

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