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FBI requests voting records from Sullivan County

Agents interested in absentee voting material
The FBI is interested in absentee voting in Sullivan County during the primary election.

Sullivan County Clerk Peggy Goodman was visited by two FBI agents on Tuesday.

They asked to speak with her in private, asking questions about the conduct of elections in the county, with a special interest in absentee voting.
Before leaving they served her with a subpoena asking for a long list of election material.

Goodman says, "They want certified election results, certified election results by precinct, uh, a list of candidates, a list of voters, policies on our absentee voting procedures and who has access to our absentee ballots."

Goodman says the agents assured her there was no one in her office being investigated.  They gave her until next month to prepare the material, but she has already and they will pick it up within a few days.
They did not tell her the basis of the request.  The U.S. Attorney's office said it could not confirm or deny the agents' visit.
There were at least three races where the absentee ballots reversed the machine vote totals to determine winners.

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