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Fatal I-70 Crash Pushes Traffic through Brazil

The westbound lanes of I-70 were closed for hours as police investigated the crash, and cleaned up the scene, but the wreck also impacted drivers in a completely different county.
Police detoured traffic through Putnam and Clay counties, pushing traffic to State Road 40 through Brazil.

For some travelers--- the wait was an unpleasant one.

The deadly crash, involving two semi-trucks and a car happened just before 1PM, but traffic was still backed up into the evening.

First responders say they do their best to quickly clean up the scene, nd get traffic back in order.

"we work as fast as possible," said Sgt. Joe Watts of the Indiana State Police. "There are no breaks while working a crash of this kind. So all of us are working together non-stop to make sure we get the crash reconstruction done, the cleanup done and the roadways open for everyone."

Monday's rain didn't help with cleaning up the wreck.

"Once you have inclement weather, heavy snow, heavy rain, it does slow it down a little. But they're working in the rain, they're not standing by, the crews are out working in the rain," added Sgt. Watts.

The crash, which happened at mile marker 30, shut down westbound traffic on I-70.

Authorities detoured traffic northbound on US231 to State Road Forty over to Route 59 in Brazil.

The detour left travelers in bumper to bumper traffic for hours.

"Oh it's going on about three and a half hours which kills me in the logbook area later," said Ray Harris, traveling to St. Louis.

Harris says there's nothing he can do to avoid it.

"No not really. You just kind of sit back and watch the people go by and nothing you can do about it."

While being stuck in traffic might make some drivers feel restless, Sgt. Watts urges motorists to always be vigilant behind the wheel.

"When you're in a detour situation, the traffic is very heavy. We have troopers and other local agencies out directing traffic so you have to pay attention at all times," Sgt. Watts said. "When there is heavy traffic or there is construction in the area, the last thing you want to be doing is diverting your attention, especially on a cell phone."

Indiana State Police also said a three vehicle crash happened on US 231 at around 4:45.

Traffic was still being detoured to 231 because of the fatal crash on I-70.

Two people were hurt, but their injuries are non-life threatening.
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