Dozens Gathered for "Way of the Cross" March

Dozens Gathered for "Way of the Cross" March

Many denominations of Christianity came together to celebrate Good Friday in Vincennes.
Dozens gathered to take part in the 6th annual "Way of the Cross".

The Walk resembles the fourteen key events recorded on the day of Christ's crucifixion.

People took turns carrying the cross to different areas of worship.

Rick Grant of First Christian Church says, events like this show the importance of religion throughout Vincennes.

"When pilgrims couldn't go to Jerusalem it began to move out to other parts of the world.  It's taken up as a way for all persons to participate in the journey," said Grant.

Participant Kathleen Garner of Vincennes stated, "Last year I participated and I got to help carry the cross actually put my hand on it and that was a wonderful feeling."

Participants from all over the area came out to walk in remembrance.  Ministers hope that the "Way of the Cross" march will continue to grow each year.

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