Department Lifesaving Awards Ceremony

Department Lifesaving Awards Ceremony

Indiana State Police Sergeant Joe Watts and Sergeant Richard Effner received the Department Lifesaving Award on Wednesday for helping residents in a burning building last October. Several members of Indiana State University Police and Terre Haute Police also received the award.
We want to salute someone you see a lot on NBC 2 and WAWV.

Indiana State Police Sergeant Joe Watts was honored for his service to the community on Wednesday.

Sergeant Watts, along with Sergeant Richard Effner, received the Department Lifesaving Award.

Last October, there was a fire at Indiana State University's married student housing building.

Sergeant Watts and Sergeant Effner, along with several other members of law enforcement, entered the burning building to warn residents.

Officials say as a result of their actions, all the residents at the building escaped the fire without getting hurt.

The Department Lifesaving Award was also presented to ISU Police Sergeant Jacqueline Smith, Corporal Brian Pierce, Officers Christopher Heleine and Jordan Gentry, and Terre Haute Police Officers Brent Stoelting and Kenny Fischer.

Officials say all the officers involved should be commended for their life saving actions.
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