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Community leaders concerned about memorials at Merom Bluff

Merom Town Council members are concerned that memorials and rumors of burials at Merom Bluff will deter visitors.

Some local town leaders are concerned that a popular scenic view is looking more like a burial site lately.

We're told memorials along Merom bluff are nothing new, but lately people are wondering if more than crosses are going into the ground.

Town council members tell us that they're not sure what's going on along the bluff. They've heard that people are spreading ashes, burying ashes and burying pets.

The town had to clean them up last year because many had fallen over and were broken.

Leaders say they're worried that what's along the bluff--and what's rumored to be along the bluff--will turn off visitors.

"Plant a plant. If you want to do something to honor a loved one, plant a plant that everybody can enjoy and it won't look so uninviting," says Jackie Gettinger, Merom Town Council

The town leaders can't confirm that ashes or pets are being buried or spread along the bluff but they do remind residents that it's illegal to dispose of human remains at a public place.

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