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Clay County Bridge to be Replaced

The Birch Creek bridge on State Road 46 is set to be replaced according to the Indiana Department of Transportation. The bridge is currently closed to any vehicles over three tons. Replacement work is expected to begin in the spring and end in November 2014.
A Clay County bridge will be replaced this spring. It's located on State Road 46 over Birch Creek. Officials from the Indiana Department of Transportation says the steel that supports the bridge is nearly see-through. It is currently closed to any vehicles over three tons. That includes semis, school buses and snow plows. Crews are making minimum repairs to the bridge to increase the weight limit back to 16 tons. Detours for the bridge run through State Road 59 and Interstate 70. But people from the area say it's placing a strain on their commute.

"We found when doing an annual inspection that it was in need of some support underneath, needs to be supported, so we put a three ton weight limit on it. That's a hardship on the local community," said Ellie Deickmyer from INDOT.

Crews will begin working on the new bridge in the spring and are expected to complete work by November 2014.
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