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City Opens First Ever Splash Park

It's not the sound of fireworks filling the air this Fourth of July in Paris, Illinois. Instead, it's the screams of joy from local kids as they run into the fountains at the first ever splash park in the town.

The kids need a place to go and play, cool off and have a great time. We don't have a community pool anymore and this was a wonderful opportunity and affordable idea," said Jane Blair, who helped raise the funds for Tiger Falls Splash Park.

"It's amazing for us to have this splash park. It's a true asset to the community," said Meghan Creech, a Paris, Ill. resident. "There's nothing like this here."

The $200,000 facility was built from donations from local businesses and residents. The city of Paris provides the land and water for free. Jane Blair helped raise the funds and she says it was important for organizers to provide free, fun.

"We have a lot of lower income people and they can't afford to belong to a community pool even outside the community or go there and they don't have their own pools and it's just open and available to everyone," Blair said.

And don't tell this small community they can't do it. The Independence Day grand opening is symbolic to the community who were told they would hit waves on the way to success.

"Tears. Really exciting. Because it was nine months from start to opening and we were told that we couldn't do it and then we were told it would take two years and here we are within a year and it's open," Blair said.

The park is open to children ages 12 and under. A committee hopes to make the park available to teenagers on special occasions.
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