City Officials Discuss Skate Park Expansion

City Officials Discuss Skate Park Expansion

The City of Terre Haute is looking to expand a skatepark, but first, there are some obstacles to overcome.
More than a decade ago, Voorhess Park lost its pool and the park sat empty. Then in 2009 the addition of a skate park brought new life.

"Here a couple times a week, get here early and just stay here all day and goof off and skate," said Even Greve, a local skater.

The park already attracts people from all over the state. Parks superintendent, Eddie Bird, hopes a possible expansion could bring visitors from across the country.

"The overall goal is to hopefully build two more phases," Bird said. "Phase two and three with the hope to bring in a competition and have events and competitions there at the park"

But graffiti has been a big issue in the park. Eddie Bird says for the expansion to happen, the vandalism must stop.

We as the parks department are going to be putting a lot of money into that park along with the school corporation and really we would hope the public would take care of what we are trying to develop," Bird said.

"We come here and we pick up all the trash and we try to keep it nice like we sweep it when we get here and kids just come here and trash the place," Greve said.

The parks board meets Wednesday night for a preliminary discussion of the expansion. They first need to find funding. A ground breaking could come in 2016.
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