CASA Volunteers

CASA Volunteers

Group who helps needy young people gets some help of it's own
A local organization who helps children in the child welfare system is getting some help of it's own.

Twenty-three new CASA volunteers were sworn in this afternoon.
These volunteers will take on the role as court appointed special advocates. They'll be assigned children who are involved in the child welfare system and need someone to speak on their behalf in court.
Vigo County has about 140 children who need an advocate.
While these new volunteers will lower that number the organization is always in need of more help. Nikki Fuhrmeister, the Director of Vigo County CASA, says, "People don't realize what is actually going on in this community. There is so much abuse and neglect. We live our lives daily and we don't even realize what goes on with the other portion of the population here in Vigo County."

CASA Volunteer Anne Stamper adds, "Children need a person to speak for them. They need somebody to be there and to provide them the support that they need and, as a community, we need to help our children so that they have a brighter future.">>

If you want to become a CASA volunteer call 812-231-5658 or you can visit their website by clicking here.

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