Business picks up as US 41 construction switches lanes

Business picks up as US 41 construction switches lanes

At least one local business is seeing foot traffic pick up as construction along US 41 in Vigo County switches lanes. The owner of Kiefer's Furniture Home says more customers have stopped by now that the main entrance is accessible.

A shift in construction means a shift in foot traffic for a local business.

Orange barrels have made stopping at businesses along U.S. 41 in Terre Haute pretty tricky this summer, but things are looking up for at least one business along the construction zone. INDOT road work has shifted lanes making it easier for cars to get on and off of the busy stretch of 41.

We checked back in with Kiefer's Furniture Home to see if that's improved business. The furniture store's owner says that being able to come in the front intrench has made a big difference the last few days.

He says during the height of construction business was down more than 50 percent some days

"The people that did come in were coming [sic], they were frustrated, it was hard to get in and they were curling around behind the mall and coming through Baskin Robbins and things. We got some phone calls--some people just didn't come in at all--wanting to know how long the construction would last," says Brian Kiefer, owner, Kiefer's Furniture Home.

Construction on this portion of U.S. 41 is expected to be finished late next month.

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