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Area Code Changes Coming to the Wabash Valley

A new area code is coming to the Wabash Valley. Saturday begins the grace period of the transition. You must dial "812" to reach anyone in southern Indiana. In October, the new "930" area code will begin any new phone numbers.
Looking to get a new phone? Don't plan on having an 812 area code.

"It's kind of confusing already," said Marsha Ogle.

That's because Saturday begins the transition into southern Indiana's new 930 area code. You're call will still go through, but you should get in the habit of dialing 10 digits.

"We used to only have to dial four numbers, if you're old enough to remember, and then we had to do seven," said Jack Meany. "So I guess a few more isn't going to make a whole lot of a difference."

In September, your call won't go through without dialing 812.

"It's comparable to what happened when they did some strange thing to the Rockville area, 765 area code, it got real confusing faxing things and calling people and when you do dial the 765 and when don't ," said Ogle.

The final step in this process starts in October. Any new telephone lines will start with 930 and not the familiar 812.

"It doesn't really bother me at all. I pretty much do it anyway when I text or talk on the phone," said Leslie Stevens.

"When I call my wife I push two, when I call my daughter I push a three, when I call my son I push a four, so sometimes I don't even know my own phone number because I don't use it," said Meany.

In an age of technology, some people think this will all soon be a distant memory.

"This will still be just another one of those 'I remember when episodes,'" said Ogle.

"We'll just have to live with it, life goes on," said Meany.

If you already have an 812 area code, this won't change your current phone number. Only new telephone lines will be assigned the new 930 area code.
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