Angie's List: Staining or Painting

Angie's List: Staining or Painting

A common question for consumers, do you paint or stain your deck? Angie's list provides tips.
If your deck needs a little face lift, you may be considering whether to stain or paint it.

Angie's list says stain it.

The problem with paint is that most deck surfaces are horizontal.

So the paint just lays on the deck. As a result, those areas hold water. Unlike paint, a stain won't chip, peel or crack.

A quality stain and sealer will penetrate the wood grain, and allow moisture to escape the wood.

That's why Angie's List says staining is better than painting, "As the wood shrinks and expands with changes in moisture and temperature, the paint doesn't always have the ability to move at the exact same rate and the only thing it can do at that point is release and let go of the wood and that manifests itself in cracking and peeling and chipping of the coating," said John Nearon, Deck Company Director of Operations.

For best results, experts suggest using an oil-based stain.

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