Color for a Cause

Color for a Cause

Catholic Charities' director, Jon Etling, promised to dye his hair orange if $5,000 was raised for hunger in the Wabash Valley. VNA Hospice and other fundraisers surpassed that goal. Wednesday afternoon Etling made good on his promise and dyed his hair orange.
"I'm going bright," Jon Etling said.

Bright orange that is. He's dying his hair to raise awareness for hunger in the Wabash Valley. He's making good on a promise he made just a few weeks ago. If $5,000 was raised, he agreed to dye his hair.

"I'm already in the seat, so why not?" Etling said.

One in six adults and one in four kids in the Wabash valley don't have sufficient access to food.

"23 percent of our economy here in Indiana comes out of the agriculture industry and I can't come up with a good reason why a child should go to bed hungry or wake up in the morning and not have access to food before they go to school or even go out the door to play."

Catholic Charities can purchase five pounds of food for every dollar raised. That's 25,000 pounds of food through this donation alone.

The fundraiser beat last year's by $900. But next year, the stakes will be even higher.

"I'm going to let others decide that," said Etling. "But I'll try and make sure I'm up for the task and whatever my participation needs to be hopefully we can invite some others to join us."

For more information on how to help Catholic Charities, or if you are looking for assistance, visit their website.

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