City Works on Slippery Side Streets

City Works on Slippery Side Streets

Many streets around Terre Haute are still covered with snow and ice. Brad Miller with the Terre Haute Street Department says crews are working 12 hour shifts to clear to roads, but says they've been battling bad conditions.
"Terrible, the roads are nasty. You just have to take it slow," said William Eggers of Terre Haute.

"I'm afraid I'm going to hit another car by sliding everywhere," said Nicole Miller.

Cars are slipping and sliding around the streets of Terre Haute. The packed down snow and ice has turned to mush, and getting anywhere is an adventure.

"I work at Walmart on 46 so I actually took a couple different routes," said Miller.

It's been days since the snow fall ended and still several inches cover some side streets. The city has a ladder system which streets get plowed first. Roads like 13th and Poplar get done first, then secondary streets like 25th and College are treated.

"In this case, what we had was a lot of snow, and as it was coming down, by the end of a route it was packing down behind us," said Brad Miller with the Terre Haute Street Department.

700 miles of road get salted and plowed by the city.  That makes keeping up with a route on a tight budget a difficult task.

"We couldn't do really anything during that point in time so we just kind of backed off,"  Miller said. "Salt and sand won't work below 15 degrees so we had to wait until it got back up to an agreeable temperature yesterday."

Crews are working 12 hour shifts this week to get the job done and Miller knows his team has a long way to go.

"We'll get through it. It won't last forever. Sooner or later we'll get on top of it and get all the streets clear."

Miller said he expects all streets to be clear by Monday.
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