City Officials Excited About Possible Voorhees Park Pool Location

City Officials Excited About Possible Voorhees Park Pool Location

Voorhees Park is Vigo County School Corporation's top choice to place their new centrally located pool facility. The next step in the process is approval from Terre Haute officials to build on city property. Officials say they look forward to the possibilities the pool could bring to the southwest side.
Voorhees park takes up 11 acres on the city's southwest side, making it a prime location for the Vigo County School Corporation's new pool facility.  But the land is owned by the city, meaning VCSC needs to collaborate with Terre Haute officials to get the ball rolling.

"They need to provide some information to us," said Mayor Duke Bennett. "The layout, where it would fit, because we don't want to have effect on the skate board park at all.  We want room for us to be able to do some things in the park."

The city has been looking for more development near the riverfront and officials say the $9.8 million facility could help bring the economic boost they've been searching for.

"We put the skate park there and we started getting a lot of kids coming in and skating and riding their bikes," said Terre Haute Parks Superintendent Eddy Bird. "I think that picked up the park a little bit because it was a pretty dead park before that and if this pool does go in it will bring more people around that side of town."

The plan includes buying the land, making price a key component in location choice.  If the school corporation works with the city it could allow them to lease the Voorhees Park location.

"I don't really want to sell the park and the parks board doesn't either," said Mayor Bennett. "I'd rather retain that and allow somebody to build on it would be fine."

Mayor Bennett also sees other benefits for the community in building natatorium on city land.

"Some day we would like to install some splash pads in various parks and that's one of the parks we had identified," Mayor Bennett said.

Tanoos will seek formal approval to make Voorhees Park the site of the new pool at the next school board meeting on October 21.
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