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Church Keeps Faith After Fire

Prairie Creek First Baptist Church was destroyed in a fire Thursday night. The congregation is known as the oldest active church in Vigo County. Despite losing their original building, their keeping their faith strong to rebuild.

A church was destroyed in a fire Thursday night in Vigo County. A suspected electrical problem sparked the fire. The congregation of Prairie Creek is holding onto their faith, despite losing their building.

"I was in shock. It just seemed so surreal to me"

It was a call that devastated Kevin Dobson. He's been the pastor at Prairie Creek First Baptist Church for seven years. But the building held many more memories.

"I was married in this church. My children were baptized in this church," said Dobson.

The congregation was established in 1816. The church itself was built in 1875. That makes it the oldest active church in Vigo County.  Members decided to add on to the aging building. Only the original part of the building was destroyed.

"Still the same place in the community and I hope we can continue to hold our same place in the community."

They're a congregation that has seen devastation before. They received donations to build the addition onto their church. But soon after they recieved the gift, the Henryville tornados hit. The congregation donated a portion of that gift to help rebuild a church that was destroyed in the disaster. They've seen faith pull a community together before, and they'll hold onto that hope for themselves, too.

"We know that God will provide through donations adn people's hearts and concerns and we're just going to trust that we are able to rebuild this."

"I'm thankful that it isn't any worse than it is and we'll keep moving forward."

The building was partiall insured. But if you'd like to help Prairie Creek First Baptist begin the rebuilding process you can send donations to P.O. Box 312, Prairie Creek, Indiana, 47869.

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