CASA Desperate for Volunteers

CASA Desperate for Volunteers

In 2012 CASA served 474 abused or neglected children with only 138 volunteers. This year they've helped 69 children but just as many are still on the waiting list.
A Wabash Valley not for profit is in desperate need of volunteers.

Thursday night CASA held an informational meeting to spread the news about how to get involved in the organization.

In 2012, CASA helped 474 abused or neglected children with just 138 volunteers.

This year, they've served 69 kids with the same amount still on their waiting list to be partnered with a volunteer.

"It is just the best feeling in the world to know that these children look forward to you to come," said CASA volunteer Norma Almazan. "When they see you they jump in your arms and they are so happy to see you and it's very important. Like I said we have 69 kids on our waiting list and currently that's 69 kids waiting to have a role model come and lighten their day."

To learn more about volunteering with CASA, visit their website and fill out their volunteer application.
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