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Cabin Fever Craze

Five straight snow days has some families dealing with a serious bout of "cabin fever."
Five straight snow days has some families dealing with a serious bout of "cabin fever."

"Yesterday was our first day out, went to lunch. Today we decided we were going to do more than just a half hour runway," Patty Kennedy, a mother of two said. 

Friday's trip to the Terre Haute Children's museum lasted nearly three hours.

Kennedy said the extra time out-of-the-house was much needed.

"Today was the stepping point where they are starting to bicker and touch each other and spill things on each other purposely."

A computer in the children's section of the Vigo County Public Library is hard to come by right now.

"We've been coming to the library a lot. They've seen us everyday this week," Stephanie Lopez, of Terre Haute said.

That's because its more than just a warm place to spend the day. 

"Not only is it a good environment, it also has opportunities for the boys to get what their missing out on at school," Lopez said. 

Some parents are going to more extreme measures to keep their kids from bouncing off the walls.

"It was just time to get out. This is a fun place for them to burn some energy and have some fun," Nancie Vicino, of Terre Haute said. 

The Bouncin' Barn has been open all week despite the snow, cashing-in on the cabin fever craze.

"No brainier, business has been tremendous," Howie Johnson, owner of the Bouncin' Barn said. 

Many say they're ready to get back to the business of learning.

"I am really ready to go back to school," Brandy Vaugn, a Terre Haute seventh grader said.
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