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Board Delays Vote to Close Schools

Save UHS and Save NESC presented proposals on what they believe is the best plan for the future of Northeast School Corporation. The board is expected to vote on the fate of Union High School and Dugger Elementary at their meeting on December 2.

Students and parents of Northeast School Corporation will have to wait another week to hear the fate of Union High School and Dugger Elementary. For Save UHS supporters, it's a relief. But members of Save NESC say the board is only delaying the inevitable.

"I'm very thankful the board has agreed to take all the information we provided them under consideration," said Greg Ellis of Save UHS.

"We've said it all. We've discussed it all. So when it came to our presentation we wanted to present a very clear idea of what was said. There isn't much more to say," said Leslie Hawker with Save NESC.

Member of Save UHS have met for two weeks compiling ideas on how to pinch pennies. The corporation is nearly $300,000 in the red. But Save UHS members believe privatizing transportation, cafeteria workers and janitors could save thousands.

"We don't want anybody to lose their job but we need to focus on areas that we can cut that don't affect the classroom," said Ellis.

The corporation cut gym, art and music classes at the elementary schools in a money saving effort. Hawker says closing Union and Dugger could put much needed programs back in the classrooms.

"Auto mechanics back in the schools could have CAD, computer automated drafting, you could have all kinds of opportunities that kids do not have right now," Hawker said.

Save UHS hopes the board will delay their decision not just a week, but months, until a tax referendum can be voted on in May to bring more money into the school.

"Property tax increase in this county which is lots of family owned farms and that kind of thing, I really think that's the height of selfishness," said Hawker.

The school board is expected to vote on December 2.

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