Bike Trails Might be Coming to Fowler Park

Bike Trails Might be Coming to Fowler Park

Vigo County Parks have 30 miles of trails, but only seven of them allow bicycles. But Monday the board made moves to set in motion a new world class bicycle trail at Fowler Park.
Summer time in Indiana, there's camping, hiking or riding the trails. But not in Vigo County.

"That's the sad part," said Vigo County Parks Superintendent Kara Kish. "Within Vigo County Parks and Recreation Department the biking availability is extremely limited. We currently have 30 miles of trails but the only portion that is available for bike riding is the Wabashiki Trail System."

But that may soon change. Monday, the Vigo County Parks Board appointed eight members to a committee to pedal the plan from an idea to a reality.

"Well if we had 1,000 steps to complete we are some where around step two," said Kish. "Actually make that two tonight. So we are at the very beginning. The timeline we are hoping to accomplish is a two year timeline to break ground."

The trails will also honor a Wabash Valley hero. Dale Griffin was a veteran that passed away in Afghanistan.

"The Vigo County Parks Department was interested in creating a mountain bike trail system," Kish said. "At the same time we met the Griffin family who wanted to produce a mountain bike trail system in honor of their son and it was just a flawless marriage."

With the help of the Griffin family and the newly formed committee, the parks board hopes to get the wheels turning to a heart-pounding trail.

"Mountain bike trails become very stale very quickly," Kish said. "Individuals are excited when they are built. Then the quality of the experience they get dies down very quickly so we want to make sure we are not building a trail system that is very leisurely. We want to build an exciting trail system."

The parks board does not know a cost for the trail system yet since it is in the very beginning stages of planning.

But they do say they hope to fund it entirely through private donations to avoid any burden on tax payers.

Upkeep and maintenance for the trail will be funded through tax dollars.
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