Artist Reflects on Creating Larger-than-Life Larry Bird

Artist Reflects on Creating Larger-than-Life Larry Bird

Sculpture Bill Wolfe spent four months creating the new Larry Bird statue that's going outside of ISU's Memorial Stadium. As a fan of the Legend, Wolfe say it was a dream come true... but now he's getting a little nervous before the big unveiling.
All week long we've been showing you glimpses of the new Larry Bird statue. But for the man  who made it, it's much more than just a sculpture.

For sculptor Bill Wolfe, creating ISU's new Larry Bird statue was  more than just a job - it was a life-long dream come true.

"To grow up and become an artist... and get to be the one to create this statue of Larry Bird is just the ultimate," said Wolfe.

The statue was set into place on Monday, but won't officially be revealed until Saturday afternoon.
Wolfe says after seeing the bird replica standing tall, he's full of mixed emotions.

"After months and months of working on this, to finally see you put it up it's just exciting." he said. "It's a little scary for me because there's more attention to this sculpture than anything I've done before."

The 2,000-pound sculpture took Wolfe over four months to design.

It shows Bird in action - a pose that Sycamore fans will certainly remember.

"I wanted to get the Larry Bird shot, and so he's doing the pull-up shot. It looks like he shooting the long-range three," Wolfe explained.

And even though the Sycamores lost to Magic Johnson's Michigan State back in 1979, Larry is getting the last laugh.

His statue is three-feet taller than the one created for Johnson.

"Along with the Larry Legend Foundation and pretty much everybody agreed that we need to make Larry's a little bigger," said Wolfe.

And for Wolfe it wasn't just creating another piece of art. It's ensuring Larry's lasting the place where it all began.
"I'm proud of it, and I'm hoping that the community will be, and ultimately I hope that Larry is proud of it," said Wolfe.

Larry Bird has yet to actually see the statue, wanting to share his first glimpse with the Sycamore fans at home on Saturday.

That dedication will take place at 11 a.m. outside of the Hulman Center.

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