Affordable Care Act: Cost Comparisons

Affordable Care Act: Cost Comparisons

Beginning October 1, Americans can shop for the best health care coverage. You can use a website set up by the government to look for options.

As of October 1, millions of Americans will be able to sign up for insurance through open enrollment.

The Affordable Care Act requires all Americans to purchase a plan. But for many, it will be the first time being insured.

So what do you do if you've never purchased insurance before?

Jenn Sullivan explains.

Forty-eight million Americans are currently uninsured. Under the Affordable Care Act that group will soon be required to purchase health insurance … something many feel they can't afford.

"It's going to be kind of rough."

Shannon Frelich is a single parent raising three children. She currently receives free insurance through medical assistance. But as of January 1, she'll have to pay for coverage.

"I’m kind of forced to decide on whether do I take the work insurance or do I wait until the market place opens up and search for insurance through there?"

Becoming insured through her employer would cost Shannon $334 a month. Plans purchased through the market place are estimated to cost between $200-$300. For a mother of three making $25,000 a year it's a large added expense.

"It's going to take a lot of budgeting…tight tight budgeting".

But not purchasing health insurance would not only result in a $95 fine it would also mean high costs for medical services.

"If you should fail to do that, you're out. You cannot get sick and then get insurance if you will. You're out until the next enrollment period begins next October," said Ted Nickel, Commissioner of Insurance for Wisconsin.

If you're uninsured or losing coverage there are three very important dates to remember. October 1 you can log onto and begin looking at plans. By December 15, your fist premium payment is due and on January 1, 2014, your coverage begins.

I’m Jenn Sullivan reporting.

To find out which plan fits your needs best, log on to  healthcare-dot-gov.

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