2013 Year in Review, Part III

2013 Year in Review, Part III

June 2013 took a nearly fatal turn for Marissa Dub. The Exotic Feline Rescue worker was cleaning out a tiger cage and left open a safety gate, allowing the cat to attack.

This weekend we brought the headlines that kicked off 20-13. 

Here’s a look at the top stories from this summer. 

June 2013 took a nearly fatal turn for Marissa Dub.

The Exotic Feline Rescue worker was cleaning out a tiger cage and left open a safety gate, allowing the cat to attack.

“We want everybody to be safe. We want the cats to be safe, and the cats are not safe unless the workers are safe and unless the community is safe,” said Joe Taft, of the Exotic Feline Rescue.

Staying in Clay County, this summer closed what officials called the biggest sextortion case in the state's history.

Richard Finkbiner was sentenced to 40-years in federal prison.


Police uncovered thousand's of explicit images and videos on Finkbiner's computer. 

The victims ranged in age from 12 to 17, and reached from Avon, Indiana to Anchorage, Alaska.

"I hope that this prosecution in addition to bringing justice to Mr. Finkbiner will serve as a lesson to parents across the country that protecting their children doesn't stop once their children come home,” said Asst U.S. Attorney Zachary Meyers

State-wide, the Indiana Department of Education tried to go digital with I-Step tests, but it didn't make the grade.

Computer server problems caused nearly 80-thousand students to experience interruptions or delays. 

So in August officials announced that they would have to check every test to see if the slowed process affected any of the results.

“So we're going through and spot-checking and looking for glaring errors at this time to see if their were children who performed extremely well in language arts but perhaps did not perform as well in math,” said Dr. Karen Goeller, deputy superintendent of the Vigo County School Corporation.

And tests weren't the only thing on Vigo County school official’s minds.

In September, the corporation announced that they would be working on a plan to build one centralized pool for all three high schools.

"It's good to see that we've had a strong support in place from the community at large. There are those who are against it, but not enough to stand up and say we don't want to know this community forward in many ways, one in swimming and two in economic development,” said superintendent Danny Tanoos.

The Vigo County jail will have to make some big changes in the upcoming year...

After the ACLU filed a law suit claiming that the current building is overcrowded and dirty.

Inmates were transferred to the Knox County jail to reduce numbers, and officials are working on a plan to build a new facility.

“This is not just going to be somebody's opinion on what size jail we should build. We are going to go out to other counties and other communities that are similar to Vigo County and see what their numbers are how things work, we're going to inspect other facilities,” said Chief Deputy Clark Cottom.

Over in Illinois, a community banded together to help search for missing Willow Long.

Hundreds poured into the town of Watson look for the 7-year-old.

But the case quickly turned tragic, when police arrested Willow's uncle Justin Deryke for her murder.

Turning the entire town upside down.

“I hope you fry, I hope you fry for hurting a kid. This is the most despicable crime anybody could ever do,” said neighbor Dawn Erickson.  "Willow we love you and were so sorry.”

Tune in to NBC 2 News at 6 this week for the next round of headlines, and a look back at some of our favorite moments of this year.

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