Football Players Hit the Field for All-Star Game

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. - The 13th annual Wabash Valley Football Coaches Association All-Star Game is just days away.

Dozens of the Valley's best football players got to work on Sunday for the first practice of the week.

The players are split into two teams: the black and gold squads.

The coaches of each team is an interesting pair. Linton head coach Brian Oliver will lead the gold team while former Sullivan coach Trent Olson is in charge of the black. You've got to love another chapter to the Linton-Sullivan rivalry.

Over the years, the association has awarded more than $70,000 in scholarships to athletes who participate in the games.

It's a great showcase for the players, but the coaches also enjoy interacting with one another.

"We all steal or borrow ideas from each other. Football is football and we're all leading men to be successful in life. We do share a lot of things, get new ideas and the camaraderie of us getting together, it's a special deal," said South Vermillion head coach Greg Barrett.

"I always think about the kids getting a chance to interact with kids in their conference. They play them in football, basketball, baseball and all of a sudden they're on the same team. But for the coaches, it's cool too. Football coaches are different. We're not scared to share secrets and things like that. Basketball seems to be one where it's like I don't want to tell them how I run my 2-3 zone. Football, we're all kind of copy and paste guys," Olson added.

The game is Saturday, June 24th at 7:30 at Memorial Stadium.

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