Ivan Paramanandam

I have lived in Terre Haute since 1988 and graduated from Indiana State University in 1994 with a double major in Business Administration and Marketing.  I also completed my MBA from Indiana State University and graduated in the first December graduation in 1996. I am a graduate of Indiana State University and dad to two beautiful daughters, Rachel and Lily.  I enjoy the outdoors and try to push my physical limits.  "Try" being the operative word.

I have a diverse background that helps me greatly in business development, specifically in marketing functions. I enjoy learning about new businesses, technology, and industrial processes and have a natural "how does it work?" mentality that helps me broaden my experience and relevance. I champion small businesses and non-profits and serve on a number of local non-profit boards and committees. My personal philosophy on success is to make the businesses and organization's I serve successful and my success will naturally follow.

Email Ivan at ivanp@mywabashvalley.com

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