WWII Veteran Relives His Glory Days

A WWII veteran recived a special celebration in honor of his service

Montezuma, IN - Comfort and gratitude can take many forms: a kind word,  a strong handshake, a heartfelt 'thank you'.

Today, all those were wrapped in a special quilt, as a gift to a deserving veteran.

The Old Glory Quilters held a ceremony for World war II veteran, William E. Swickard Sr..

Swickard was a prisoner of war for 4 years and 1 month in Japan.

"I weighed 220 pounds and 6 months later when I was captured I weighed 98 pounds, and I never have really ever gained my weight back since then," said Swickard.

During the ceremony Swickard was presented with a quilt, hand made by the women of Old Glory Quilters.

Judy brown, founder of Old Glory Quilters, being a veteran herself, says these quilts are more than just a blanket.

"that quilt, it represents freedom, it represents all the men and women who have given their lives. That is a big deal. Some people say oh it is just a number. No it is not a number. It is a sacrifice," says Brown.

This ceremony allowed Swickard to tell his old war stories.

He shared his witty humor, "It is one of those things that, it goes with war. And I hate war with all of my life. I hope I don't have to go back."

And the stories that he has carried with him ever since he was a young man

"The 0 ward is when you...When you got so bad you couldn't get up. They shipped you over to the 0 ward and that is where you died," said Swickard.

The crowd listened to every word and gave their thanks.

Both for his service and his wisdom.

"This brings me honor to be able to do this for folks like him," said Brown.

But despite all Swickard has been through in his 95 years, he says his most valuable advice dates back to something his grandfather told him as boy.

"Well there is three things I want to tell you. Don't lie, don't steel, and you be honest, and you will never want for anything in this world, and it's the truth. Don't have much, but appreciate what you have got."


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