Web Extra: Body Builder Diet

A break down of how Derek Lunsford maintains his chiseled physique

Terre Haute - With fitness being Derek Lunsford's full time job, he has to maintain a very strict eating regime that doesn't have room for snacks.

He eats between 6-7 full meals a day that are very specifically timed in conjunction with his work outs.

A typical meal for Derek consists of:

-50-60 grams of protein (typically chicken or fish)

-50 grams of carbs (rice, oats, white potatoes)

-10 grams of fat (nuts, almond butter, eggs)

-1 cup vegetables (green beans, broccoli, or asparagus)

Most of his meals are premade for him by one of his sponsors, Maw Nutrition, out of Chicago.

He will also rotate in protein shakes throughout the day.

Of course, every now and again he is allowed to have a "cheat" meal where he gets to splurge and enjoy a guilty pleasure.


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