Walkout for a Cause

Terre Haute, IN - Think of it as a lesson in civil disobedience. Today, local students left their classrooms as part of a nationwide walkout against gun violence.

"This walkout is urging Congress to take action, because this can't keep happening," said Sloan Pollom.

Pollom was one of the organizers of the walkout at Terre Haute North High school, one of the larger demonstrations in the area.

More than 100 students walked out. They carried signs with the victim's names from the Parkland, Florida shooting, along with messages like "enough is enough" and "never again".
Pollom, along with Hannah Cervantes and Ellie Hampton worked with school officials to make sure they had a safe place to share their thoughts.

"I''m very proud of everyone who helped us organize this and everyone who decided to stand up for what they believe in because that's really important," said Hampton.

Students who didn't walk out had the opportunity to attend a memorial assembly, or just sit in the cafeteria if they didn't want to participate. There was also a small walkout at Terre Haute South. School administrators say all students at West Vigo chose to stay inside.

In terms of what happens next, the student activists urge their fellow teens to register to vote when they're old enough and don't be afraid to speak up about any issue that's important to them.

"We really hope to inspire other students to get out there and get involved as well," said Cervantes.

Students who walked out did receive a two hour detention.

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