Vermillion County Rebuilds

Following Devistating Fire, County Comes Out On Top

"This tragedy, and it is a tragedy because this is a lot of history lost here," said Becky Holbert, 4H Extension Educator.
After a fire in January burnt their grandstands to the ground, Vermillion County wasn't sure what was in the future of this years county fair.
But as time has passed they weren't going to let one set back rain on their parade.
"Everything that we would normally hold in front of the grand stands is still going to happen. The lack of the traditional grand stands is not going effect events at the 2017 Vermillion County Fair," said Holbert.
The last time we spoke with them they weren't sure when the new structure would be built, and now, though there is nothing permanent in place they have a plan.
Last week they had crews bring in rental bleachers to temporarily take the place of what used to be the grandstands.
Once fair week is over they are moving the bleachers out and moving forward with construction plans.
"We hope to break ground before the end of summer on the new grand stands," said Holbert.
These new grandstands are more than just a replacement they are an upgrade.
"All steel and concrete structure with aluminum seating," said Holbert.
Since the original grandstand were built in 1933 the building codes have changed and they are no longer allowed to build the grandstands out of wood like the original.
Along with the material change comes another addition, new restrooms will be put under the grandstands now as well.
And though the fair goers are sad to see the empty space, "It has been there for a long time and a lot of people have made memories there and those are gone now," said Sarah Voges, Miss Vermillion County Fair Princess.
They look forward to what the next chapter holds.
Sarah Voges said, "I think that we are excited for it. It is going to be a big change and it is going to be different."

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