VCSC Adds Safety Net of $2 Million

Vigo County, Ind. - For the past few weeks, Vigo County School officials have been debating the future of the county's high schools.

Monday Night, two students gave us their thoughts about the situation.

In addition, a $2 million  general obligation bond has been approved by the school board.  

$2 million definitely sounds like a lot of money, and we're sure it means the same to many taxpayers in our community. 

Through all the political jargon WTWO asked the Vigo County Chief Financial Officer, Bruce Perry, what the GO bond was really for and what that means for taxpayers. 

Officials say general obligation bond will be used for pavement and roofing projects, replacing computers and more.

"The GO bond strategy is actually a way that we are minimizing the tax rate completely," says Perry, chief financial officer for VCSC. "So, very little if any impact actually on the taxpayers."

The big discussion at Monday's meeting revolved around the five current possible concepts for what the board intends to do with our high schools. 

Two Terre Haute seniors say something needs to be done about the conditions they see on a daily basis.  

"Mainly like the air conditioning, like it's like, kinda like breaking down like there's stuff breaking off the walls and stuff," says Brycen Carney, THS senior.  "It's kinda gross but it's okay."

"It's a bug issue," says Kjersten Chamberlain, THS senior. "There's a lot of bugs everywhere. A lot of the kids don't have respect. For like the teachers there and a lot of them don't seem to care about the school as much as they should." 

The two seniors have similar thoughts about the proposals involving the high schools.

"I say...tear down both Terre Haute South and North and just maybe build one school in the middle," says Chamberlain. 
"I really feel like what we need is more like connection, like through different schools," says Carney. "So I think we need to like tear down both North and South and then just build one like, out East." 

The conversation on what concept is best for the high school situation is still ongoing, which means you have time as a member of this community to voice your opinion. 

If you'd like to learn more about the proposals you can attend a couple of sessions.

The school board will be meeting Monday, November 13th at Terre Haute South Vigo High School at 6 pm. 

Then again on Monday, December 11th at West Vigo High School, at 6 pm. 

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