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Dahnke's Tree Patch

Dahnke's Tree Patch Christmas is just around the corner and i want to find out about growing christmas trees, and i guess you guys go christmas trees yes, we do we've got 25 acres growing trees and this is our 32nd year, 32 years of hopefully putting smiles on faces i think so and making the holiday spirit come to life I want to introduce you to Doug Dahnke and Doug you and your wife started this business you say 32 years ago in 1984 and how many acres of trees?

we've got about 25 acres i mean some come in production some come out we do rotations and we do various sizes and types.what was the thought when you decided to get into the business i mean this is not something you are going to have a profit with right way, the trees have to grow, right?

no, you have to absorb seven to ten years of work and expenses before you know you even realize a profit. we try to limit about a foot a year growth and kind of the sweet spot for the tree business is seven to eight foot, so you're looking at seven to eight years of growth, of mowing, spraying, and fighting bugs before you have a tree able to be, a pine tree is really a crop for you guys?

I tease the farmers at church that in the fall they can say it can start raining, i said hold off for two more weeks until i get the trees cut. yes, we consider ourselves farmers.yeah, well this is the first weekend in December, have you been busy already? We start the Friday after thanksgiving and with the weather, all fall has been unseasonably warm and this weekend was the perfect opening weekend and it looks like this weekend we're going to get a touch of cool but that kinda puts people in the spirit.sure, yeah, in fact we even have a few snowflakes i would imagine, yeah that helps tell us what kind of trees do you actually grow?

We grow for the christmas tree part we grow scotch pine and white pine we are trying some different species but you have to be careful with different species because of the zone we're in for example Frazier furs don't grow in this part of the Midwest because either of late frost in the spring or the drought and the heat in the summertime. so you know you have to kinda of watch your plant zones and your temperature climates. ok, well lets take a break when we come back we'll talk some more about growing christmas trees and selling christmas trees among some other things. you're watching valley ag weekly.

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