Two WTWO Staffers Share Their Diabetes Diagnosis

They have different types of diabetes.

Terre Haute, IN - Learning your diabetic can be scary, but it is highly treatable.

Those with Type 1 diabetes have a pancreas that does not produce insulin.

Those with Type 2 diabetes produce insulin, but their bodies can't use it effectively.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and two WTWO/WAWV staff members share how they deal with their diabetes.

Anchor Tom McClanahan was diagnosed with diabetes four years ago.

Tom McClanahan, "I wasn't really shocked because I have so many relatives  that are diabetics, but still, all in all, it was kind of a shock, a small shock."

Anchor Sadie All was diagnosed just recently.

Sadie All, "So they told me, you have diabetes and I started crying because I really had no idea."

According to endocrinologist, Dr. Edward Rico, diabetes is not something to be feared, as it was years ago.

Dr. Edward Rico with Paris Community Hospital/Family Medical Center, "It was once widely believed, if a person with diabetes lived long enough, they could expect to go blind or end up on dialysis or suffer amputations. Now we know that's not true thankfully."

But the key to preventing these problems is controlling blood sugar.

While Tom and Sadie have different types of diabetes, they're treated in similar ways.

Tom and Sadie both adjusted their diets and are working on getting more exercise. Both lost weight.    

Each check their blood sugar levels. Tom takes a pill daily and a once weekly shot.

Sadie takes insulin everyday.

Dr. Edward Rico, "A person newly diagnosed today can expect to live a normal lifespan."
It's recommended you get you blood sugar checked at your yearly physical exam to make sure it is normal.


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